• Five Best Education Blogs and Websites for Education in India


    With the revaluation of modern technology, the field of education has become vaster. Day by day new innovations is creating hype among students. The Internet is the basic component which is controlling all this technology. The number of blogs in India which are serving their duties from last few years. The number of groups in India which are related to the different groups. Every site has its own blog either its education site, job site, business website, photography website, and etc.


    Purpose of Educational Blogs:

    The role of educational blogs in student life is very essential. Blogs which are usually written by teachers and students, sometimes it also was written for teachers and students. Purpose of educational blogs to prepare the students for a lifetime learning, inform them about educational policies, and teach them classroom instructions.


    Importance of Blogs:


    Blogs are the mean of communication that allows each student to express his or her feelings in a unique or creative way. In the higher education of India, blogs are used as a course assignment. It gives permission to students, administrative, and the faculty member to share their thoughts to tell about their thoughts, feelings, opinion about any issue.


    Five Best Blogs Websites:

    Here we discuss the best five websites for blogs in India:

    • Khan Academy
    • Cosmo Learning
    • Big Think
    • Future Channel
    • Upswing Learning


    • Khan Academy:


    Khan Academy is one of the most famous and largest online learning coaching centers in India. Which provides skillful educational learning blogs for students and give them pace of learning with full liberty. Students who cannot afford the fee of other online coaching centers they can easily apply for this website. This website of blogs provides traditional learning programs for student mathematics, science, computer, history, economics and etc.

    • Cosmo Learning:


    Like another online coaching center in India, this website is also providing educational blogs, documentaries, and courses. Cosmo learning subjects are divided into two sections extra-curricular and academic subject.

    • Big Think:


    The online coaching center of Big think gains too much fame from last few years among students. Experts of this learning website provide lectures in recorded form and articles in written form. This website providing authentically written blogs for students. It also gives permission to students that they also share their opinion on the subject from experts.


    • Future Channel:


    The Future channel is not an only online portal of India but it is an expert channel of learning for students who feel difficulty in their subject. The learning website only provides important data related to the subject and courses. Students who feel difficulty in the single subject then this portal only provide that single special subject section for the student.


    • Upswing Learning:


    Upswing learning is another online coaching Centre which is providing educational courses, mock test related to the NEET and JEE exams. Students who feel difficulty in preparation of NEET and JEE exams. This website provides them full outline and guideline about the test series preparation of the NEET and JEE exam. NEET Coaching classes in Bangalore prepare the students for future medical entrance exams in India.